4 Ways to Get Space on Your Drive Now

4 Ways to Get Space on Your Drive Now

Getting messages that your PC is running out of drive space can have you worrying that you need new hardware, but that’s not always the case. You can easily free up a lot of space by doing a few things before you consider a new investment. Here’s a few things we suggest.

#1: Run Disk Cleanup

  1. Find the Disk Cleanup by typing it in the Start Menu or in the File Explorer (look under ‘This PC’).claenup1
  2. Click on Disk Cleanup.cleanup3cleanup4
  3. Choose the files to clean up and OK.


#2: Uninstall programs you no longer need.

We all have programs we need for a short period and then no longer use or we replace with something else. They are taking up space so it’s a good practice to get rid of anything you don’t need any more. Here’s how:

1.       Go to Settings on the Start Menu

2.       Click on Programscleanup7

3.       Click on Uninstall a Program under Programs and Features.


Click on any program you no longer need (be careful not to delete anything that might have come as part of your operating system). Then click Uninstall.


#3: Uninstall apps on you no longer need.

Just like programs, apps take up space on your drive. Eliminate some of the apps you don’t need or use.

Go to the Start Menu, and click on All Apps.

Right click any and you can uninstall them with one click.

#4: Archive things you no longer need.

Big files, images, videos can all take up space on your drive. You can store them on an outside hard drive, disks or even store them on the cloud. One idea is to have all the family photos both on a hard drive and online to keep them double-safe. Back-up hard drives are a great way to keep info safe without risking losing them with a machine crash.

These are some simple ways. If you continue to experience a shortage of drive space, contact us to see what else you can do.

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