Most Common Computer Repair Problems

Most Common Computer Repair Problems

5 Common Computer Repair Problems (and What to do About Them)

From virus infections to slow performance, here are the five most common computer repair issues that affect personal and business computers today.

1. The computer’s performance is slow

If your computer is giving you “the spinning wheel of death” when you close tabs or navigate to a new program, your connection is slow. There are many potential causes for this problem.

For example, your startup disk may be too full, you may need more RAM, or your system may need a tune-up. While you may not be able to fix these problems at home, slow performance is often a simple issue that your local computer repair specialist can address.

2. A virus of spyware infection

If your computer has been acting strangely, it may be a virus. Viruses are malicious software programs that infect your computer. Viruses invade your computer’s system when you open dangerous links or files, or download programs from unknown sources.

Once a virus is on your computer, it replicates its source code to take over and alter the programs on your system’s hard drive.

There are dozens of varieties of computer viruses, many of which put your personal information or data at risk. Unfortunately, viruses aren’t something computer repair specialists recommend battling at home.

With that in mind, take your computer to a service shop if it is running slowly, acting erratically, or deleting data.

3. Malfunctioning power supply

If your computer doesn’t turn on when you press the power button (a common Mac computer repair problem), the issue may be a faulty power supply. Additional symptoms include the light on your charger acting strangely, or your computer charging incompletely. This can quickly render your computer useless. Fortunately, power supply issues are small fixes for computer repair specialists.

4. Strange noises emanating from the computer

If your computer is buzzing, clicking, or whirring, your hard drive is likely failing. If it fails completely, you may lose the data on your computer, so it’s essential to see a repair specialist as soon as you notice this symptom.

An expert will be able to back up and retrieve the information from your hard drive. The expert will also evaluate the root of the problem and attempt to restore functionality.

5. Applications acting strangely

In some cases, computer repair issues are as simple as an application acting strangely. For example, a user may install a new version of a program like Microsoft Word, and find that it’s not displaying margins in a document.

While it’s possible to find a solution for these problems with a quick Google search, many computer owners prefer to take an alternate route. Instead, bring the computer to a computer repair shop. There, a qualified specialist can sort out the issue and tune up the computer at the same time.

Computer Repair: An Expected Piece of Computer Ownership

While computer owners often get frustrated by repairs, these powerful machines need maintenance to run well.

From small fixes like odd program functionality to larger repairs like hard drive data retrieval, understanding the five most common computer service issues make for easier, more responsible computer ownership.

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